Monday, April 20, 2009


i've been busy with getting ready for No Brand Con, which is this weekend, and i'm really excited!!! i will be cosplaying as Doraemon, who is a robot cat from the future who uses various helpful tools such as the bamboo helicopter and the anywhere door! (just google Doraemon, and you should be able to find the general info.) hopefully there will be many pictures from the convention, and we can get back on track with this thing. in the meantime, i have four more weeks of school, and then its off to camp to be the head cook! aaaahhhhhh!!!! *runs around flailing arms* i can't believe i'm head cook this year!! what is going on??? the apocalypse?? well, hannah that-big-state-whatever-it-is has a movie out, so... IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!! darnit!! i need my shotguns and my rations for the zombie invasion!!! do you have a zombie plan? you better make one now if you don't have one. seriously. they're coming, and if you're not ready for them, you are dead meat. literally. well, i'm off to stock up on supplies. now. . . where would they sell gernades. . . .?

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