Thursday, May 14, 2009


yeah. well, i'm moving out of my dorm room today, so i've been doing finals and cleaning for the past week, which explains lack of postage. sadly, i have to disconnect my computer to transport it back home, but hopefully i will have it up and running in my room. sadly, though, i work monday to friday, and i only come home on the weekends, so i'll only get to post at least once a week. no more three posts a week like back in March. holy crap, i had some free time back then. it was kinda nice, though. i am gonna miss my internet radio, though. it's gonna be back to the old CDs for the entire summer. gawd. how weird is that gonna be? i haven't listened to those since last summer. . . meh. but, i'm really happy with the computer. i've traded in the Tank (a behemoth MPC, whatever that is) for Dennis (an HP) and i'm quite pleased, even though i have to transfer all of my files over, which will be a bit awkward with the portable hard drive. but, Dennis (who i got from a friend) has tons of games on him that i get to run through and see which ones i want to keep. sorry, but the Jedi Knights games had to go. (i much prefer Trek to Wars) besides, i'll need the room if i want to put all of my music on there! (i have tons and tons of music) well, right now i'm being bored waiting for the parental units to come with the truck, and just kind of playing around to waste time. i might play some Spore later. idk. maybe i'll go grab some food. . .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


not really, that's just what we call Artist's Alley at No Brand, because there are many many spectacular artists from Korea. seriously. well, in other news, i have finals next week, and then i head to camp, where i don't get much computer time. i'll try to post whenever i can, but i might get on a little hiatus until i get back to school next semester. next semester. wow. looks like my first year of college went by in a flash. zoop! there it went. now i'll be a Graphic Design major taking art class at 8 in the morning and running across the footbridge at least three times everyday. luckily, it takes five minutes to get across, and i'll get a lot of excersize that i desperately need. (what can i say? i'm a lazy bum.) well, i gotta get back to work. the fiction contest ends saturday, and i've got to edit my peices (again) to make sure they're perfect. i'm hoping for at least some recognition, but we'll see. maybe i'll post the peices on here, if people want. maybe i'll post the winning ones, if any of them win. *shrug* here's hoping.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Brand!

yup. here it is, the first pic from no brand con. my foot is covered by a spat, but it's still my foot nonetheless. the crazy people in front of me are my friends Katie and Kait. they were dressed as people from Ouran High School Host Club (google it). this is in the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center, and since it was friday, not a lot of people were there. saturday was amazing, there were tons and tons of people there. but, i liked it. first day i got there, and at least five people recognized my character. since it's from the 70's (omg!) i was stunned that people actually knew it. don't worry, i'll do something more recent next time. well, here's the lowdown on the convention itself. there were some rooms for programming, such as talking to voice actors and having panels and the variety show, and the dance, and other stuff like that. there was also a side room specifically for tabletop gaming, and a video game room that was constantly filled with people. there were two anime showing rooms, and even the No Mercy room, where they would show really bad films and you could sit there and yell at them. it was 18+, and i even went to watch Honzo in there. don't watch it. ever. it's so horrible. you will be scarred for life. even more than you are now. ummm... what else was there... there was the artist alley, and the giant room of vendors who would hawk anime, manga, plushies, candy, and just about anything pertaining to japan. i would have picked up a CD, but there were only like, three songs on them, so it wasn't worth it. i got a manga, a GTO dvd that i have to get the rest of now because i love that anime/manga, and an FMA wall scroll. (if you don't know what i'm talking about, don't worry. ) oh! i also got some candy, including mango Hi-Chew. they're delishious. hmmm... there was also Steam Century there, who is a steampunk group, and they had a LARP murder mystery game. i made some new friends who are steampunking, and i am so ready to learn to weld this summer, so that i can have my steampunk outfit done and ready to show off next No Brand. i must admit that i didn't take many photos this time, because i was having too much fun, but i'll give you what i can. oh, it looks like Nobita needs my help again... bye! *sticks bamboo copter on head and flies away*