Friday, August 28, 2009

yurt. *snrk* that's such a funny word...

yup. this is a yurt. this is also from staff trips before camp started, and we went to visit a nearby sister camp, and we stayed in their yurts. we have our own yurts, but not like this. they're not pansy yurts with ceiling fans, electricity, and air conditioning. that's not camping. all you need is a pool, and you've got your own mini motel. just don't forget the complimentary tiny bottles of liquor in the fridge! (that was pure and utter sarcasm right there, folks.) i could rant for hours about what camping has become and what it should be, but i'll spare your eardrums. or rather, your retinas. yees. <.< >.> i knew that.


this was a staff trip before camp began, and we went to Cornell and went bowling! only thing is, it's an old bowling place, and it's not very automated. that meant no little tv's to tell you what your score was, you had to figure it out by yourself! it was really hard because almost no one knew how to really score bowling. i mean, they teach you in highschool, but as soon as you're out of there, half of what you learned goes right out the window. nevertheless, it was an interesting game.


so, i know it's not my foot, and it's not a very good picture, but there's this guy who has concrete dinosaurs on his lawn. it's really freaking cool. you have no idea.

with glowing hearts we see thee rise...

going through a tunnel to Canada! there were about seven on the way up. some of them are really long, and at this one point, there's like five in a row, so it's really fun to play the "hold your breath" game!

true patriot love in all thy sons command...

still Duluth, but who cares?

my home and native land...

this is still Duluth, but that round building has a revolving restaurant on top. it's soooo coool!!

oh, canada...

this is Duluth, on the way to Canada during the 4th of July week. it was difficult to take, because i had to hoist my foot up against the window of the truck to get the photos of outside. more to come!


i'm back. amazing, i know. beware of tons of pics now that i have to catch up. now, going back in time, this is the Civic Center parking structure back at No Brand. i know. we'll get to now sometime someday, just bear with me. this is where tons of "random battles" took place. it was usually four on four, like in the Final Fantasy videogames. my favorite battle had to be when it was dark and storming outside, and this guy dressed as Link went to do a giant swipe with his sword, and when it landed, this giant crash of thunder sounded at the exact moment. it was awesome, to say the least. there was also this guy dressed as Cloud who carried around his own stereo with videogame music, and whenever he won in a battle, he would play the victory song. it was hilarious.