Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh, up in the northwoods, there is a camp...

ah. camp. i swear most of my life has been spent on its rolling hills and grassy field. (we only have one big grassy field.) this is the chalet, which is basically the place where staff hangs out. campers are not allowed inside. i promise to get more pics this summer, as i go back for my third year of staffing, and my 12th year of camp in total. i'll talk more about camp then. in the meantime, i have to go recruit staff for this summer. we're a bit short this year...

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  1. you told us to tell you that we read your amazing words of amazing stuff. I read it, totally had to catch up and just read like half a dozen... I totally love it though, because I hear your voice the entire time and it makes me happy in all kinds of ways.
    *hugs and kisses!* - Private Sex Pistol