Wednesday, April 22, 2009


yup. this is the campus mall of my university. behind the clock is Davies, which has food in it. that's the most important part of that building. the food. but, it's a nice campus, even if it is on a giant hill and across a river. actually, i found out why the campus is so weird. the land was donated to the making of a teacher's university from lumberjacks. where Hibbard is now, there used to be a sawmill. thus, being on the river is simply logical, since loggers would float their chopped-down trees down the river to the sawmill. so, now i understand why we have to walk across the stupid footbridge in the freezing cold. but, knowing the logic behind something doesn't necessarily mean that i still want to do it. and i chose to be a Graphic Design major. . . good job. (i'm being sarcastic) meh. the land was donated, so they couldn't do a thing about it since the campus is surrounded by the city. one may think that being on campus is the same as being in the city, but it's not. it's a whole different world in there. a world where tests are tedious and food is fabulous (sometimes). a world where i can stay up all night dancing to Daft Punk and eating snickerdoodles. (that one's a lie. i've never done that. i might like to, though. . . ) a world where. . . oh, crap, i have class. *zoom!*

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