Wednesday, February 25, 2009

here's the lowdown.

so, i've been busy these past few days... on Monday, i got my ear pierced. it's a helix on my left ear so quit asking me where i got it! geez! it hurts a bit, and i'm not allowed to touch it, to sleep on it, or to wear a hat. for at least a month. and i have to get special soap to clean it with, and sea salt if it gets infected, and it looks pretty frikking awesome! it will be wonderful with my shaven head that i'm getting done tomorrow. before you know it, i'll be wearing leather and listening to the Sex Pistols. actually, i was playing on Amazon, and i aquired a DVD of Tank Girl, which is a movie that i love and is basically unknown, i guess... well, no matter. i will sit everyone down, and we will watch it together! >:D
otherwise, i've been feeling kinda blah. with a little bit of meh. confusing, i know. think about how i feel. my creativity is shot, and i can barely finish one freaking page of writing for the Volume One fiction contest, which will sneak up on me like last time, the little bugger. i just kinda wish that it was nanowrimo again... so that i could actually focus myself into one thing instead of spreading myself thin. i feel like not enough butter on a big peice of toast. mmmmm.... toast. have i mentioned how much i love toast? it's very. . . toasty. sorry, being non-sequiter. i think i need a weekend of chillaxing at my parental unit's abode. yeah. that might do me some good. as long as i get my homework done.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let There Be Lips!!

yesterday, i went to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. i was previously a virgin to this cult celebration, and therefore was initiated through doing the Time Warp onstage. i (of course) dressed up in the most sparkly sweater you will ever see in your life, and what i like to call the "pony-hawk". it is a hairstyle that i like to think that i invented, but i'm not quite sure about that... it's basically a mohawk with little ponytails running down the middle of your head. i have black/blond hair, so the effect was pretty stunning. so was my hair when i woke up this morning. wow. that must have been the worst case of bed-head i've ever seen. and i have pretty bad bed-head.
when going to the production, i knew that you shouted lines at the screen and threw stuff, but some people (who were amazingly awesome) actually went up and acted out the parts right in front of the screen! it was stupendous. someday, after i've been to the Picture Show about forty times, i'd like to go up and "get struck by lightning" and do the Time Warp. but, until then, i'll stick to learning the audience participation stuff. besides, i see you shiver with antici...................pation.


i've been busy... and my camera has no batteries right now, so the pics are gonna be from a while ago, and i'm just going to have to narrate the more recent stuff. the pic is from when i went to Moulton's Skate America to celebrate a friend's birthday. it's technically not "Moulton's" anymore, but nobody cares. it's a big roller rink with an arcade and a DJ. the middle thingy there is a small train that runs around for kids to ride on, and little ramps where you can ride the turtles. if you don't know what they are, the turtles i am referring to are like scooters that you sit on and you put both your feet and your hands on the handlebars and you slide down the ramp and try not to fall off. we were playing around with them, going backwards and stuff, and fell off. to get to that middle part, since the surrounding area is where people skate, they have these large metal tubes that you can crawl inside of. we used to have races inside of them when i was younger and Moulton's was cool. now, it's just kinda lame... unless you have a big group of crazy friends. then it's pretty fun. sorry that the pic is blurry, i was having skaters bump into me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

たんじょび おめでとう!<3

oooh, looky that! i's being creative! well, if you can't read the japanese up in the title, it says happy birthday, and it says that because mine was yesterday. i was too busy chillaxin' to put up a post, so here i am doing it now. i'm old now, and i got a few nice things, like a poster and a popcorn machine. it's one of the old ones, where you use actual corn kernals and they come out the big chute at the top. but, i don't know if i have room to put it in my kitchenette-place-thingy-stuff. (it's basically a mini fridge, a microwave, and a rice cooker, and i might have mentioned it before, but it's early and i'm too lazy to go look it up.) but, we'll see if i still get a room mate, and if not, i'll have this huge double room to my self, which is a little awkward, but kinda nice. i can do whatever i want, whenever i want, and i don't have to worry about anyone else. i think it's pretty nifty.
well, i'm gonna finish my protein shake, and go put some clothes on. it's almost time to get ready for class, and i don't really want to go, but i'm paying for it, so i have to.... *sigh*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy...oh wait...

yeah. so... this was last christmas, when i decorated the tree. my original plan was to have it be maroon, gold, and blue. (this is because my sister's school colors are maroon and gold, and my school colors are blue and gold) we were going to do it together and it was to be pretty cool. nevertheless, she didn't come home in time to decorate it, so i went ahead and covered the tree in Bluegold colors. my reasoning at the time was, "well, it's my first year of college, and shouldn't we celebrate that somehow?" so this is how the tree turned out. and if you're worried that it's next to the fireplace, don't be. it is a gas fireplace with no real flames. it cannot set anything on fire. not even my foot.

Monday, February 9, 2009

hello, human.

Ah. so we meet. Fuzzy congratulates you for making it this far. and she is about ready to bite my foot off...
no... she's my sister's cat, and she won't bite my foot, unless i use it to poke her in the stomach many times. i don't think she likes me very much. this was taken in the family room of the abode of my parental units. yes, that is corn over there. we nail it to the giant maple trees and watch the squirrels fight over it. it's jolly good fun!
so, back to the slightly demonic feline. we got her from my grandparent's farm, where she was a tiny, weak kitten. and her ears were absolutely huge. she's lucky she's not named "Yoda".
Actually, i have a good story about how we got her. okay... this may take a while to explain, but bear with me. my grandparent's farmhouse has a corner between the indoor porch and the wall. in that corner is a giant slab of stone, and a thick cage of brambles. we had come to get a cat, since they are always crawling all over the place. i saw Fuzzy in the bramble cage, sitting on the large flat stone, and decided that i wanted "that one". i don't remember how old i was, but it was quite a while ago, while i was still young. (ah, the good old days) so, in my premature mind the best way to get the cat was not to scare it out, or use a stick to poke it out. no. i had to dive into the brambles to grab the cat with my bare hands. i could have grown up to be the Irwin-esque Cat Hunter. we are lucky that i am not.
so, now we have Fuzzy, who hates me. and i have no idea why..............

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the flat

so... here's my dorm room. it is the beginning of my adventures. as you can see, it is a mess. i must tell you that i had no roommate at the time of this photo so all of this crap is mine. amazing, isn't it?
yes, that is a pokemon poster in the back... i got it from my host sister in Tokyo. the superhero is Jean Paul Valley, who is Azrael and took over for Batman when he was paralyzed. i have the comic book to prove it.
things you don't see: my computer and comparably messy desk, my "kitchen" which equals a fridge, microwave, and rice cooker, and my bass and amplifier. it goes to eleven.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

...they are sketchy.

yup. i have them. and i like them. i don't have many pics in them, but whatever. just thought you might like to see them.
i've been busy these past days not getting my homework done, so i'll probably spend the night doing my english and stagecraft reading. yay powertools. actually, this morning i built a small flat, and it was awesome, and i got to leave class a half an hour early! yay! but the David Cook tickets were sold out, so i won't be going to that on the 18th in Davies. *sigh* but whatever. i've started the countdown, and there's only eleven days left! (and no, i won't tell you what i'm counting down to, you'll have to figure it out for yourself.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

i know it's boring...

but let's try to get through this, okay? i'll do one more pair after this and then we'll start exploring, i promise. these are my boots. unassuming? yes. deadly? horrifically so. with steel in both the toes and the heels, i can kick just about anything with these. i kinda want to go find an old filing cabinet now...
yes, they're really good for kicking and stomping things, but they're not so friendly to my ankles... maybe i just have weak ankles, but i'll keep them. you never know when you'll need boots that feel like Ironman's.