Saturday, January 31, 2009

something for every occasion...

I believe that everyone has their favorite pair of fluffy slippers. these happen to be mine. i got them for christmas one year, and i just kept wearing them. i don't especially like the color purple or animal prints whatever those are, the slippers are just amazingly comfortable and i think i could wear them doing just about anything. except water-skiing. and skydiving. and maybe a few other things...

all right... before we start going places, let's get to know my footwear, so that you know that it is actually my foot in the photos and not just someone else's foot. these are my sneakers. i basically wear them everywhere i go. there are some photos where you'll see my old sneakers, and i'll probably get another pair of those as soon as i'm done with these. they were Dunlop Waffle Stompers with bright red laces, and i loved those shoes....

i promise you that i don't have a lot of shoes, like some people, and that i have each pair for a purpose.

Friday, January 30, 2009


well, i started a project that will hopefully be done and on DeviantArt next week. because lemme tell ya, drawing with a mouse takes a frikking long time. and i've got nothing to do this weekend, so i'll probably lay around tomorrow unless i get kidnapped by my friends. i know that my dad would probably like to watch the superbowl with me, so i might go home on sunday and keep track of all the good commercials. i'm kinda bored right now, and my foot has fallen asleep twice on me now, so i might... well... i have no idea what to do. it's dark, cold, and i think i might read until i fall asleep. i promise to have more foot pics up tomorrow. heck, we could have two posts in one day! how amazing would that be?! ...well, not really, i guess. but, whatever. i think i'm gonna go eat some peanut butter and read my really thick and kinda tedious book that i'm just gonna have to bear with to get to the end so i can read all the other books i've started and not finished. but then again, i'm rambling now, so... yeah.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pandora's Box

Oh, how i love internet radio. i only have one class today, so i'm spending it in my dorm room, reading and listening to Pandora Radio. if you don't know about it, go try it out. you choose an artist or genre, and it plays music that's kind of like that. it really lets you explore stuff you haven't heard before, and expands your music library. my current favorite station is Ronald Jenkees, because it plays lots of soothing techno that you can just kinda groove and relax to.

note: i probably won't post pics of my foot all the time, so just hang with it.

anyways, it's really freezing cold up here in wisconsin, and i don't want to go outside, even though i have to go to my english class. yay for reading past presidential speeches. well, after english i get to meet with the executive board of Spectrum, which is UWEC's gay club. i'm the events coordinator, and i get to set up all the events, such as the Spring Drag Show, which is going to be awesome this year, i promise you. i might set up a few workshops and maybe some feild trips too, i don't really know yet. but that's what we're gonna discuss tonight at the meeting. then i might go to Racy's for hot chocolate. i don't know. we'll see.

well, it's off for more reading for me. yay. (that was sarcastic)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

good morning!

okay, so let's get acquainted. This is my foot, as you can so obviously see. It may look like a bad picture, but it's not. It got that way when i did the photo magic editing on HP Photosmart Essential. I kinda like this picture, as it takes away the flaws of my foot.
this was taken in my dorm room, which has no carpeting, and i wish i had a rolly chair to glide around on. oh well. maybe later i'll post a picture of my dorm room for you. it's actually quite big, seeing as it's a double room that's acting as a single right now. (i have issues with roommates, that i might talk about later.) so, right now it's just me and my foot. even though my foot is not a seperate entity. hmmm..... i'll have to ponder that a bit more... well, it's early in the morning, and i have classes soon. good thing it's freezing outside! :) (that was sarcastic)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Blog!

Hey! Welcome to my first blog. As you can see, it's about my foot. My right foot, to be exact, though there may be times when you see my left foot. That's okay. Also, I am not prejudice towards what foot to blog about, it's just that I happen to be right-handed and right-footed as well.
The main point of this blog is for me to post pictures of my foot in random places and then tell you about them. If you like it, that's cool and keep watching. We'll see what places my foot will go!