Thursday, April 30, 2009

sorreh! again...

yah. sorry. well, i've been having computer issues, and i think it's finally time to retire the tank that used to be my PC. we'll save the hard drives and the sound card, but i think i might want to use the rest for some cyberpunk. No Brand was awesome for my first anime convention, there was even a steampunk mystery game there with a bunch of steampunk people! we made some new friends, and got tons of new ideas. i can't wait to weld this summer!! steampunk jet pack, here i come!!! ^,^ well, now that that's out of the way, i can have the Volume One fiction contest on my radar, along with a driving test, and finals. oh! and getting classes for next semester. here's the deal: i'm a Graphic Design major, and i can't take any art classes. DUMB. so, i e-mailed some teachers, and we're gonna see if i can't sneak into a class. who knows? i might just have to double up for a while. and i definitely want to take wintrum classes. yesh. i don't know about summer ones, though. i do have camp to work at, which kinda helps pay for tuition... we'll see. . . well, i'm just trying to get through my last weeks of classes, and then handling being head cook... and hoping that i won't be the only person working in the kitchen all summer. that would just su-uck. srsly.

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