Thursday, April 30, 2009

sorreh! again...

yah. sorry. well, i've been having computer issues, and i think it's finally time to retire the tank that used to be my PC. we'll save the hard drives and the sound card, but i think i might want to use the rest for some cyberpunk. No Brand was awesome for my first anime convention, there was even a steampunk mystery game there with a bunch of steampunk people! we made some new friends, and got tons of new ideas. i can't wait to weld this summer!! steampunk jet pack, here i come!!! ^,^ well, now that that's out of the way, i can have the Volume One fiction contest on my radar, along with a driving test, and finals. oh! and getting classes for next semester. here's the deal: i'm a Graphic Design major, and i can't take any art classes. DUMB. so, i e-mailed some teachers, and we're gonna see if i can't sneak into a class. who knows? i might just have to double up for a while. and i definitely want to take wintrum classes. yesh. i don't know about summer ones, though. i do have camp to work at, which kinda helps pay for tuition... we'll see. . . well, i'm just trying to get through my last weeks of classes, and then handling being head cook... and hoping that i won't be the only person working in the kitchen all summer. that would just su-uck. srsly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


yup. this is the campus mall of my university. behind the clock is Davies, which has food in it. that's the most important part of that building. the food. but, it's a nice campus, even if it is on a giant hill and across a river. actually, i found out why the campus is so weird. the land was donated to the making of a teacher's university from lumberjacks. where Hibbard is now, there used to be a sawmill. thus, being on the river is simply logical, since loggers would float their chopped-down trees down the river to the sawmill. so, now i understand why we have to walk across the stupid footbridge in the freezing cold. but, knowing the logic behind something doesn't necessarily mean that i still want to do it. and i chose to be a Graphic Design major. . . good job. (i'm being sarcastic) meh. the land was donated, so they couldn't do a thing about it since the campus is surrounded by the city. one may think that being on campus is the same as being in the city, but it's not. it's a whole different world in there. a world where tests are tedious and food is fabulous (sometimes). a world where i can stay up all night dancing to Daft Punk and eating snickerdoodles. (that one's a lie. i've never done that. i might like to, though. . . ) a world where. . . oh, crap, i have class. *zoom!*

Monday, April 20, 2009


i've been busy with getting ready for No Brand Con, which is this weekend, and i'm really excited!!! i will be cosplaying as Doraemon, who is a robot cat from the future who uses various helpful tools such as the bamboo helicopter and the anywhere door! (just google Doraemon, and you should be able to find the general info.) hopefully there will be many pictures from the convention, and we can get back on track with this thing. in the meantime, i have four more weeks of school, and then its off to camp to be the head cook! aaaahhhhhh!!!! *runs around flailing arms* i can't believe i'm head cook this year!! what is going on??? the apocalypse?? well, hannah that-big-state-whatever-it-is has a movie out, so... IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!! darnit!! i need my shotguns and my rations for the zombie invasion!!! do you have a zombie plan? you better make one now if you don't have one. seriously. they're coming, and if you're not ready for them, you are dead meat. literally. well, i'm off to stock up on supplies. now. . . where would they sell gernades. . . .?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hey. sorry about not posting this week, but one: i need more foot pics, and two: i'm really freaking busy during the entire month of April. Spectrum (my university's gay group) basically has all of its events during this month, and i (being the Events Coordinator) am working my ass off. not to mention that my midterm grades weren't so good, so i have to study really hard to pass all of my classes. it's just been a hectic and stressful time so far, and i don't think it's going to ease up anytime soon. but hey, No Brand Con is in two weeks, and i'm going home this weekend to make my costume! (i'm not telling you what it is, you'll have to guess!^.^) well, i have a test today that i should study some more for. you can't ever learn too much!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


oh, this was just taken while driving around with my coworker from camp, Scarlett. (we all have "camp names", but i can esplain that later). this was a very early pic for the blog, and i was very advent about getting pics for the blog. nowadays, i have to remember to bring my camera with me, and even then i have to remind myself to take photos for the blog. . . . well, there's not much to say on this one, but i think we'll start some world traveling. . . that might prove to be fun. i just hope that we don't get sick on the airplane. that just sucks!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh, up in the northwoods, there is a camp...

ah. camp. i swear most of my life has been spent on its rolling hills and grassy field. (we only have one big grassy field.) this is the chalet, which is basically the place where staff hangs out. campers are not allowed inside. i promise to get more pics this summer, as i go back for my third year of staffing, and my 12th year of camp in total. i'll talk more about camp then. in the meantime, i have to go recruit staff for this summer. we're a bit short this year...