Sunday, March 22, 2009

so, i've been busy. sue me.

this is sally. she's actually a lot bigger than she looks here, because here she's all curled up on the couch. yes, our dog sleeps on the couch. don't ask me, she's mom's favorite. mom didn't even want a dog, but soon enough, she was rolling on the floor and throwing the duckie toys across the room for sally. i don't know... i'm more of a cat person, myself. i don't mind dogs, as long as they're big. if i can punt it, it is not a dog. it is a chew-toy. the smallest dogs that i will accept are corgies, because i think that they're adorable. just look at Ein from Cowboy Bebop! adorable i tell you! adorable! i'm supposed to be writing some papers today, but i think i'll put up some more posts instead. high ho, sally, awwaaayyyyy!

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