Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my bad.

looks like someone forgot that they had a blog to upkeep. whoops! well, lately i've been getting through school, waiting for spring break to come, and trying to catch up on my sleep. some friends and i stayed up all of saturday watching Full Metal Alchemist, and i was awake for 36 hours. yay for mountain dew and chocolate pies. i think once we get to next week, i'll put up some more foot pictures. this week, i have to get all of my crap done so that i have nothing to do spring break time. i need to work on my outfit for No Brand Con, write my peice for the Volume One fiction contest, possibly go clothes shopping, clean and organize my sister's room (because she hasn't done it in twenty years), make earrings because i recently got my ear pierced (i don't know if i've already talked about that, but if not, i'll mention it in another post.), write some more music, and generally lay about and maybe sleep even more than i already am. SPRING BREAK, HERE I COME!!! ^_^

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