Thursday, March 26, 2009

doodles of oodles of noodles

snrk. it rhymes. this is the Noodles and Co. in EC, where i went for lunch with a camp buddy one day during spring break. i like the fact that they use real cheese in their macaroni and cheese. they also have soy sauce and hot sauce at every table. this made me happy, as did the availability of chopsticks. drinking root beer, eating mac and cheese, and using chopsticks. it was a fun day. i just realized that i have a lot more foot photos that i have to post, and they're probably gonna be in random order, so... deal with it. as is usual on thursdays, i don't want to go to class, but i have to, since we're gonna be writing yet another paper. whee. (that was sarcastic.) i'm so excited. (that was sarcastic too.)

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