Monday, March 30, 2009

best store evar!

this is United Noodle in Minneapolis. it basically sells foodstuffs from Asian countries, such as Japan, China, Indonesia, India, and many more of the like. if you like Japanese food, this is heaven for you. you can stock up on all the candy you could ever want, special cooking supplies for that perfect recipe, and there's also a small restaurant where you can eat udon to your heart's content. i went to japan a while back, and coming here gives me great joy and memories of Tokyo and Kyoto, among other places over there. i was especially pleased to find giant bottles of Pocari Sweat, my favorite Japanese sports drink. i know that the picture looks like it was taken in a grocery store, but if i could take a picture of the entire store, i totally would. the problem is that it's just too big! if you keep going forward in my picture, there are aisles upon aisles of Asian groceries, and the restaurant is just on the other side of this one. if you go backwards in the picture, there's the whole other half of the store which is for refridgerated and frozen stuff like pork buns and cake and ice cream. seriously, people, if you ever go to Minneapolis, google this place and find it! it's hard to find, but if you come to the fish store with the metal sculptures out front, you're almost there. the store is kinda in a back alleyway, so try not to get confused or frustrated. a lot of times, the best places are just hidden plain under your nose.

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