Sunday, March 22, 2009


this is another part of the church, called the Memorial Lounge. it has a kitchen in one corner, and the bathrooms are in the other corner. there's a piano and several bookcases full of random religious books in the last two corners. every Lent, the church has this thingy where there's a small service, and then everyone comes in here to have a dinner and discussion on a certain topic pertaining to Lent in some way. i had come to participate in the church's knitting group, in which i am slowly becoming involved. it's a good way to be with my mom, and i get to knit something other than scarves. we're all knitting prayer shawls for people who apparently get cold while praying. i don't really understand why we're doing it, but it seems as if people want the shawls, so we're making them. it's not that bad. just put on 58 stitches and knit three, pearl three, until you get five feet of shawl. it takes about three or four skeins of yarn, depending on the yarn. well, the dinner that night was soup, and the discussion was about flooding. like Noah and the Ark type. we found out that pretty much every culture on Earth has a flood story. whether it be from Transylvania, or the Ivory Coast, they're all about the same. some dude is good, and he gets saved when the deity decides to drown the Earth in water, and the dude is left to repopulate. i feel sorry for that dude. i mean, if he was on a boat, like the Bible notes about Noah, what if he got seasick all the time?? that would suck! though, it would let you get a lot of prayer shawls done.

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