Saturday, February 21, 2009


i've been busy... and my camera has no batteries right now, so the pics are gonna be from a while ago, and i'm just going to have to narrate the more recent stuff. the pic is from when i went to Moulton's Skate America to celebrate a friend's birthday. it's technically not "Moulton's" anymore, but nobody cares. it's a big roller rink with an arcade and a DJ. the middle thingy there is a small train that runs around for kids to ride on, and little ramps where you can ride the turtles. if you don't know what they are, the turtles i am referring to are like scooters that you sit on and you put both your feet and your hands on the handlebars and you slide down the ramp and try not to fall off. we were playing around with them, going backwards and stuff, and fell off. to get to that middle part, since the surrounding area is where people skate, they have these large metal tubes that you can crawl inside of. we used to have races inside of them when i was younger and Moulton's was cool. now, it's just kinda lame... unless you have a big group of crazy friends. then it's pretty fun. sorry that the pic is blurry, i was having skaters bump into me.

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