Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let There Be Lips!!

yesterday, i went to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. i was previously a virgin to this cult celebration, and therefore was initiated through doing the Time Warp onstage. i (of course) dressed up in the most sparkly sweater you will ever see in your life, and what i like to call the "pony-hawk". it is a hairstyle that i like to think that i invented, but i'm not quite sure about that... it's basically a mohawk with little ponytails running down the middle of your head. i have black/blond hair, so the effect was pretty stunning. so was my hair when i woke up this morning. wow. that must have been the worst case of bed-head i've ever seen. and i have pretty bad bed-head.
when going to the production, i knew that you shouted lines at the screen and threw stuff, but some people (who were amazingly awesome) actually went up and acted out the parts right in front of the screen! it was stupendous. someday, after i've been to the Picture Show about forty times, i'd like to go up and "get struck by lightning" and do the Time Warp. but, until then, i'll stick to learning the audience participation stuff. besides, i see you shiver with antici...................pation.

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