Wednesday, February 25, 2009

here's the lowdown.

so, i've been busy these past few days... on Monday, i got my ear pierced. it's a helix on my left ear so quit asking me where i got it! geez! it hurts a bit, and i'm not allowed to touch it, to sleep on it, or to wear a hat. for at least a month. and i have to get special soap to clean it with, and sea salt if it gets infected, and it looks pretty frikking awesome! it will be wonderful with my shaven head that i'm getting done tomorrow. before you know it, i'll be wearing leather and listening to the Sex Pistols. actually, i was playing on Amazon, and i aquired a DVD of Tank Girl, which is a movie that i love and is basically unknown, i guess... well, no matter. i will sit everyone down, and we will watch it together! >:D
otherwise, i've been feeling kinda blah. with a little bit of meh. confusing, i know. think about how i feel. my creativity is shot, and i can barely finish one freaking page of writing for the Volume One fiction contest, which will sneak up on me like last time, the little bugger. i just kinda wish that it was nanowrimo again... so that i could actually focus myself into one thing instead of spreading myself thin. i feel like not enough butter on a big peice of toast. mmmmm.... toast. have i mentioned how much i love toast? it's very. . . toasty. sorry, being non-sequiter. i think i need a weekend of chillaxing at my parental unit's abode. yeah. that might do me some good. as long as i get my homework done.

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