Monday, February 9, 2009

hello, human.

Ah. so we meet. Fuzzy congratulates you for making it this far. and she is about ready to bite my foot off...
no... she's my sister's cat, and she won't bite my foot, unless i use it to poke her in the stomach many times. i don't think she likes me very much. this was taken in the family room of the abode of my parental units. yes, that is corn over there. we nail it to the giant maple trees and watch the squirrels fight over it. it's jolly good fun!
so, back to the slightly demonic feline. we got her from my grandparent's farm, where she was a tiny, weak kitten. and her ears were absolutely huge. she's lucky she's not named "Yoda".
Actually, i have a good story about how we got her. okay... this may take a while to explain, but bear with me. my grandparent's farmhouse has a corner between the indoor porch and the wall. in that corner is a giant slab of stone, and a thick cage of brambles. we had come to get a cat, since they are always crawling all over the place. i saw Fuzzy in the bramble cage, sitting on the large flat stone, and decided that i wanted "that one". i don't remember how old i was, but it was quite a while ago, while i was still young. (ah, the good old days) so, in my premature mind the best way to get the cat was not to scare it out, or use a stick to poke it out. no. i had to dive into the brambles to grab the cat with my bare hands. i could have grown up to be the Irwin-esque Cat Hunter. we are lucky that i am not.
so, now we have Fuzzy, who hates me. and i have no idea why..............