Friday, January 30, 2009


well, i started a project that will hopefully be done and on DeviantArt next week. because lemme tell ya, drawing with a mouse takes a frikking long time. and i've got nothing to do this weekend, so i'll probably lay around tomorrow unless i get kidnapped by my friends. i know that my dad would probably like to watch the superbowl with me, so i might go home on sunday and keep track of all the good commercials. i'm kinda bored right now, and my foot has fallen asleep twice on me now, so i might... well... i have no idea what to do. it's dark, cold, and i think i might read until i fall asleep. i promise to have more foot pics up tomorrow. heck, we could have two posts in one day! how amazing would that be?! ...well, not really, i guess. but, whatever. i think i'm gonna go eat some peanut butter and read my really thick and kinda tedious book that i'm just gonna have to bear with to get to the end so i can read all the other books i've started and not finished. but then again, i'm rambling now, so... yeah.

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