Wednesday, January 28, 2009

good morning!

okay, so let's get acquainted. This is my foot, as you can so obviously see. It may look like a bad picture, but it's not. It got that way when i did the photo magic editing on HP Photosmart Essential. I kinda like this picture, as it takes away the flaws of my foot.
this was taken in my dorm room, which has no carpeting, and i wish i had a rolly chair to glide around on. oh well. maybe later i'll post a picture of my dorm room for you. it's actually quite big, seeing as it's a double room that's acting as a single right now. (i have issues with roommates, that i might talk about later.) so, right now it's just me and my foot. even though my foot is not a seperate entity. hmmm..... i'll have to ponder that a bit more... well, it's early in the morning, and i have classes soon. good thing it's freezing outside! :) (that was sarcastic)

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