Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pandora's Box

Oh, how i love internet radio. i only have one class today, so i'm spending it in my dorm room, reading and listening to Pandora Radio. if you don't know about it, go try it out. you choose an artist or genre, and it plays music that's kind of like that. it really lets you explore stuff you haven't heard before, and expands your music library. my current favorite station is Ronald Jenkees, because it plays lots of soothing techno that you can just kinda groove and relax to.

note: i probably won't post pics of my foot all the time, so just hang with it.

anyways, it's really freezing cold up here in wisconsin, and i don't want to go outside, even though i have to go to my english class. yay for reading past presidential speeches. well, after english i get to meet with the executive board of Spectrum, which is UWEC's gay club. i'm the events coordinator, and i get to set up all the events, such as the Spring Drag Show, which is going to be awesome this year, i promise you. i might set up a few workshops and maybe some feild trips too, i don't really know yet. but that's what we're gonna discuss tonight at the meeting. then i might go to Racy's for hot chocolate. i don't know. we'll see.

well, it's off for more reading for me. yay. (that was sarcastic)

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