Wednesday, May 6, 2009


not really, that's just what we call Artist's Alley at No Brand, because there are many many spectacular artists from Korea. seriously. well, in other news, i have finals next week, and then i head to camp, where i don't get much computer time. i'll try to post whenever i can, but i might get on a little hiatus until i get back to school next semester. next semester. wow. looks like my first year of college went by in a flash. zoop! there it went. now i'll be a Graphic Design major taking art class at 8 in the morning and running across the footbridge at least three times everyday. luckily, it takes five minutes to get across, and i'll get a lot of excersize that i desperately need. (what can i say? i'm a lazy bum.) well, i gotta get back to work. the fiction contest ends saturday, and i've got to edit my peices (again) to make sure they're perfect. i'm hoping for at least some recognition, but we'll see. maybe i'll post the peices on here, if people want. maybe i'll post the winning ones, if any of them win. *shrug* here's hoping.

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